Tove Borgendale

I am a wife, mother, artist, teacher, and lifelong student. My spiritual awakenings began early in life and have inspired an ongoing interest in exploring the integration of body, energy and consciousness. I believe everyone deserves good health in all ways; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


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Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Minnesota

Holistic Massage and Bodywork

Aveda Institute

Craniosacral Therapy

Upledger Institute

Three-year enrichment program on early childhood development that integrates attachment theory and
trauma work with the science of neuro-psychology.

Center for Intentional Living

A four-year intensive in personal transformation, body-psychology, psycho-spiritual inquiry, and hands-on energy healing techniques.

Barbara Brennan School
of Healing

Impersonal Movement with Jason Shulman - a spiritual tool and practice of movement that brings about a unified experience of Reality.

A Society of Souls

Work of Return-embodied movement practice aimed at self- healing and working with PTSD symptoms.

A Society of Souls

Zach Potchinsky

In my youth I was particularly sensitive and curious. I found solace in the grounded discipline of the martial arts and the spiritual practices of meditation and healing that came later. Inspired by my own need for healing and integration, I focused my life around finding personal ways to integrate bodily experience with psychological and spiritual insight as a means to heal the splits between them. My progressive embodiment has become my vocation and serves as an inspiration in working with others.

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First Degree Black Belt

Sang Lee's Academy

Integrative Massage

Omega Bodyworks Plus

Myofascial release, craniosacral
therapy, unwinding, movement

John F. Barnes, PT

Four year intensive in personal  transformation, body-centered psycho-therapy, spiritual inquiry, meditation,
and hands-on healing techniques.

Barbara Brennan School
of Healing

Teacher Training Program (two years)


Supervision Training


Senior Faculty (5 years)


International Workshop Presenter


Four-year study and experiential investigation of transpersonal psychology and meditative healing.

A Society of Souls: Integrative Kabbalistic Healing

Impersonal Movement- a spiritual tool and movement practice that brings about a unified experience of Reality.


Work of return-embodied movement practice aimed at self- healing and working with PTSD symptoms.


Men's Group Facilitator

Hero's Journey Programs

Integral Transformative Practice-Instructor


George Leonard
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