If there is no other, there is no I.
If there is no I, there is no one to perceive. This is close to the truth, but we do not know why. There must be some primal force, but we cannot discover any proof. I believe in acts, but I cannot see it? I can feel it, but it has no form.

First, there must be a true human; then there can be true knowledge. But what is a true human? The true human of old did not mind being poor. He took no pride in his achievements. He made no plans. Thus, he could commit an error and did not regret it. He could succeed without being proud. Thus, he could climb mountains without fear, enter water without getting wet, and pass through fire unscathed. This is the knowledge that leads to Tao.

The true human of old slept without dreaming and woke without anxiety. His food was plain, and his breath was deep. For the breath of the true human rose up from his heels while the breath of common men rise from their throats?

Chuang Tzu, Inner Chapters

Soul Without Shame
A Guide to Liberating Yourself  from the Judge Within
A Women's Study

With Tove Borgendale

A Journey of Truth
Based on the stellar book by Byron Brown, "The Soul Without Shame" will be our guide to recognizing our true self and disengaging from the relentless tyranny of our self-judgements.  We will be exploring how to recognize our own judgments, recognize our direct experience of  being judged, along with how to embody our true self that is often hidden when we identify with the judge. We will do this through exercises, discussion and didactic experiences with compassion, curiosity and support.

Where: haracenter 4940 Viking Drive, Edina, MN  55435 - 2nd Floor Conference Room

Times: 6:30pm - 8:30pm, 7 Consecutive Wednesday's beginning October 6th through
November 17th, 2010

Other: Class size is limited. The cost is $30 per class, total is $210 payable by first class.  Please purchase the book before class.  You can find a link to it on our resources page.

For more information please contact Tove Borgendale at 952.832.0111 or e-mail her at tove@haracenter.com.


Kabbalistic Healing Study Group

This class introduces the concepts and practices of Kabbalstic Healing; a non-dual approach to body, mind, spirit healing through a series of six classes. Through the study group format we are able to come together in small communities of discussion, informative lecture, experiential exercises, and meditation to understand the nature and origin of existence, our place within it, and what God, healing, prayer, and suffering look like from the four major world views of mystical thought. Participants will also learn and practice a non-dual form of healing in class six.

(Visit our site often for current dates and locations for this class. If you would like to host this or any other class with us please contact us at: 952.832.0111. Thank you.)



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